10 February 2015

Microsoft Outlook on Android

A lot has been written in the last week about the rebadged software now known as Outlook. I have to say that most of it is uninformed and some of it is wrong. Bloggers are being very charitable to Microsoft for some reason - but actually it's just not that great. Why?

Before the announcement of the acquisition by Microsoft I did a short roundup (http://blog.calvin.it/2014/11/exchange-email-applications-for-android.html) of Exchange clients and I settled on Nine. It certainly isn't perfect, but it's way better than the new Outlook product. In fact, I wrote this blog post in it, and you might notice it's in rich text - something Outlook can't do.

It just goes to show that a lot of blogs don't even look at the product - they either regurgitate press releases or other site's reviews.

Not much has changed since I was once complimented by a magazine editor for actually playing the games I reviewed.