30 October 2014

DropBox or OneDrive?

I have, as a university student, a 4 year subscription to onedrive for four years for USD$100. That gives me at least 1 TB but that might be "unlimited" given the news of this week.

I don't think I will ever use it. Why? I don't trust it. I buy 100 GB of storage from Dropbox for a lot more, but it works better. Today I did some testing of file creation and editing on two well-connected sites (using TeamViewer to test) and Dropbox created and updated files within 5-10 seconds,  OneDrive didn't update some changes at all, and most of them took a minute or two to propagate. That's not going to work for collaboration in a fast workflow.

Sorry Microsoft, but this is a system I can't trust based on simple testing, and the one attraction (offline files) doesn't work that well on Windows 7, and you know I'm not going to upgrade to Windows 8.x or 10 just for that.

It's got a long way to go before it's a trustworthy solution.

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