26 June 2007

Stupid thinking about anti-terrorist security

I was recently staying in the Reef View Hotel on Hamilton Island, Queensland, Australia. I asked the concierge to keep our bags for the day after checkout. That was fine...

Later I went back and asked her to put them on the transit shuttle bus when it arrived, and we would meet it at the airport. She refused, saying there couldn't be unaccompanied baggage on the shuttle bus!

Let's see... I can leave my bags in the base of a 20 story hotel unacommpanied, but not in a bus with 10 people in it... This really is the worst kind of woolly thinking and another example of dumb "security" - in the same way I can take my rather pointy and sharp car keys on a plane but not a small nail file.

These people simply don't think; or at least they apply no analytical approach at all.

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