17 September 2007

The definition of pathetic

So Roses Only had its credit card database compromised, although it won't admit it.

The company apparently knew that the breach had occurred, but did nothing to warn customers.

Roses Only is yet another company that seems to consider customers as their enemy, not their clients.

Yes, the company and banks are reimbursing their clients, but only after the anguish has occurred. It is a very unsettling thing to have your credit card used by others.

How pathetic are Roses Only and the banks? They could have canceled and reissued the cards before the fraud even occurred.

As a lawyer, if I treated my clients that way I would probably be on the receiving end of an inquiry by my professional standards body. Banks, on the other hand, often act as if they are accountable to no-one for customer service and couldn't care less about their customers.

It seems that Roses Only needs an audit of its IT systems, software and security. I wonder if it would supply the date of its last audit.

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