03 December 2009

Nathan Rees' best speech

Thank you Sydney Morning Herald

Fifteen months ago, I was called upon by my party to take the leadership in difficult circumstances.
I did so knowing that my experience in public life was limited and that I did not hail from the factional group that had traditionally supplied leaders of the state parliamentary Labor Party.
But I accepted the call to serve and was elected to the leadership without dissent.
Others had the chance to stand.
But no one did.
As a result, I was chosen by my party, at that time unanimously.


I will not hand the government of NSW over to Obeid, Tripodi or Sartor.
Under my leadership, there will be no going back.
The old regime will never again dictate the fortunes of our party, nor will they regain the levers of control.

Unfortunately Mr Rees had no opportunity - he didn't "hand it over" - it was taken from him.

Welcome to more of the same, New South Wales

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