29 September 2011

Lots of old re-posts

You may have seen a lot of re-posts lately - I have moved the management of my blogs from my old Google account to another. You shouldn't see any difference (although I'm still investigating whether RSS feeds have changed.

The address of this blog is http://blog.calvin.it, but you can also get here using the old address http://blog.calvin-au.com. If you're interested in our holiday travels, keep an eye on http://holidays.calvin.it from time to time. You can always email me at andrew@calvin.it.

While discussing the blogs, I've been interested in the new dynamic templates that Google has released. I'd like to use one for this blog, but they lack a few features such as the right-hand column. Maybe one day... but in the meantime you can see the templates on the calvidays blog.

Thanks for reading!

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