17 October 2014

Making file notes of phone calls while on the go

The problem: You receive a phone call while on the go, and you really should make a written file note of what was said. You try to remember to do it when you get a chance.

One solution: I use a Nexus 5 Android-based phone, and am a heavy Evernote user. I don't use Evernote as my main practice management tool, but it does have its advantages. The ingredients for the solution are:
IFTTT has a nifty way of connecting a multitude of online services, and it solves this problem by creating a new Evernote note whenever I receive a phone call on my mobile phone. I can then type the note there and then, or when I see it later in Evernote I'm reminded to type up that file note. The file note is pre-populated with as much information as is available from the phone. I just add my own text at the end and email the note to my main system.

Of course, if you use Evernote to run your practice then it's just a matter of moving it to the correct notebook.

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