20 December 2011

TomTom Traffic HD Australia

After poor previous experience with TomTom HD Traffic around Sydney on an iPhone, I strangely resubscribed hoping that over time it would improve... but it hasn't.

This morning there was an accident in North Sydney near the Sydney Harbour Tunnel. As I drove along the Gore Hill Freeway at 80 km/h the TomTom showed me traffic at a standstill. A few kilometres later as I was actually at a standstill for 10 minutes the TomTom showed no incidents and a happy green symbol...  

And of top of that, I can drive for 1/2 hour to work some days while the TomTom tries to download traffic information unsuccessfully. Of course, this morning it managed to do it before I even got out of my street (for all  the good it did).

I can't recommend it, no matter how much I want to. I get better results from Waze http://www.waze.com/.

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