15 September 2012

History isn't all bad

I wasn't great at history at school, but I suspect it had something to do with learning facts about the French Revolution, as opposed to learning about significant issues in human life which might teach us how to behave in the future. Yes, the French Revolution could have taught me that, if only it was taught by someone else.

Anyway, I was watching Channel 11 in Sydney the other day - it's an offshoot of Channel Ten - Ten Network Holdings Limited ABN 14 081 327 068.

It has a promotion at the moment for comedy shows "Sunday Silly Sunday". I can't think of a reason why they'd use that phrase, unless it was a reference to the U2 song about Bloody Sunday - the Bogside Massacre - which involved the massacre of Irish citizens by British troops in 1972. This was a tragic time in UK and Irish history, of which, I suspect, neither is proud.

I believe that this is not an intentional slight to those murdered - the relevant staffer in marketing probably had heard it at some stage and thought it would be catchy if modified as a marketing slogan.

However,  if this is the level of intelligence by the relevant manager, and a mark of the oversight of approvals by mature personnel  then there's little wonder that Channel Ten seems to be in dire straights.

Perhaps a history lesson might be useful.

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