20 September 2012

iOS 6 - Maps

Apple Maps overview
I've been using the iOS 6 beta for about 6 weeks, and the NDA no longer applies since the retail version has been released. Here's my take on maps because I'm a bit of a maps geek.

The worst part? Apple Maps. Apple Maps are terrible. I forgave them during the beta, because it was, well, a beta. But the production maps are the same! The maps have little detail and terrible fonts. I could probably make other criticisms, but these are deal breakers.

Fortunately you can still use Google Maps in Safari - if you want detail and readability then you have no choice.

Apple Maps

Google Maps

Oh, and one more thing: Google Maps starts predicting the address as soon as you start typing - Apple Maps doesn't. It makes Google Maps so much better. Actually it does on the 4S, but not the 3GS.

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