06 October 2010

Sydney Buses and vision disability

This is a photo out of the 288 in Sydney. Sydney Buses places advertising on the glass, which impairs viewability. I noticed this particularly tonight while trying to photograph the Sydney Opera House while crossing the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Vision impaired people have a tough time, and I understand that such window films make it worse. I'm led to believe that the State government's response is that only several windows are covered- not the whole bus.

Only a non-bus-user would find this answer acceptable. We rarely get to choose where we sit; usually we take what we get. There may be reasons why a vision impaired person can't sit on the sunny side of a bus.

These style of advertisements should be phased out. It's just one more indignity for the disabled traveller.

What does “unlimited” mean?

This is something I’ve posted about on whirlpool.net.au – “unlimited” in the English language means “something without limits.”

To my amusement, some other whirlpool posters think that “unlimited” can mean “something with limits.” Optus used to agree, but no more…

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Justice North of the Federal Court of Australia thinks that limiting speed after a certain amount of downloads isn’t really “unlimited.”

Us lawyers are a funny lot.