25 September 2014

TPG v NBN - TPG a clear leader

For whom the TPG bell tolls: NBN competition heats up: (source - Financial Review)

So TPG is now offering 100 Mb down, 50 Mb to selected developments in Sydney, such as my mate's place at Millers Point. Unlimited data, plus calls at that speed, all for about $60!

That leaves the NBN for dead. There were some machinations, it seems, at the ACCC about whether or not TPG could do this, but it's definitely up and running as my buddy's smile proves.

I've done a bit of analysis of the cost and access to the National Broadband Network before, so I'll keep this short and remind you that those 100 Mb speeds that have been advertised to you by the previous Labor government in particular are Tier 5 speeds - most consumer plans are Tier 1 or 2, and they aren't any better (and probably worse) than existing cable from Optus. The Tier 5 costs are very expensive indeed compared to TPG's current offering.

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