21 November 2007

What planet is Greens Senator Kerry Nettle from?

Greens Senator Kerry Nettle has allegedly said, referring to a leaking boatload of people who were ultimately rescued by the Royal Australian Navy

"They weren't able to rescue those people because of our strict immigration laws that prevent them from being able to rescue these people at sea,"

Does she really believe that we have laws against rescuing people in peril? That is so stupid. Yes, of course we have immigration laws, but they do not, in any way, stop a ship rescuing anyone. Rescue has nothing to do with immigration.

It's a shame that she thinks that she has to peddle this rubbish to try to obtain some political advantage.

To make it worse, this alleged lawmaker said according to the Sydney Morning Herald:

They were doing what they could to ensure that these people didn't drown.
I understand their nervousness in getting involved in these sorts of activities
particularly right before an election."

What sane person thinks that the law changes from week to week because an election is imminent? Probably a moron, actually. I'm very concerned that people like Nettle have any responsiblity for Australian law. It's people like her that demonstrate that the country runs itself in spite of its politicians.

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