26 April 2010

Office 2010

I’ve been using Office 2010 for a few days, and I’ve really only found a few interesting points so far:

1.Google Calendar Sync doesn’t work with Outlook 2010 (yet);

2.Outlook 2010 has adopted the ‘conversation roll-up’ style of Gmail, where it groups all parts of conversation together (by far my preferred view);

3.PowerPoint has a handy feature for creating a photograph slide show very easily;

4.Some of the new PowerPoint styles are quite nice.

That’s it for now – more to follow as I discover things.

UPDATE: A handy tip to solve the Google Calendar Sync problem: run a virtual machine (eg: Windows XP Mode if your version of Windows 7 supports it) and install Outlook 2007 and GCS in the VM. Make sure both versions of Outlook are pointed at your Exchange account. Calendar sync returned!

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