03 September 2010

Why you shouldn't use Facebook

If the matters raised in the linked Sydney Morning Herald article are true (SMH), I'd say that this is enough of a reason to simply not use Facebook at all. The lack of response to reporting by users, and the lack of response to NSW Police indicates that it is an organisation that should not be doing business in NSW.

"We tried reporting [the account] on Facebook," she said.
"We got all her friends to report it on Facebook. Facebook won't reply. They don't want to contact us. They don't want to know about it, basically. You cannot ring Facebook."
After trying and failing to shut down the profile, the mother contacted police.
She says they told her they could shut down the account, but two hours later informed her that would not be possible.
"They said Facebook won't co-operate with the police," she said.
NSW Police declined to comment on a continuing investigation, other than to say that they had "commenced inquiries".
This website (SMH) revealed last week that Facebook management failed to reveal the activity of an international child pornography syndicate operating on the site and ignored admissions by one of the ring's Australian members.

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