23 November 2012

Nexus 4 - Four days on...

Four days on and I still like Android 4.2 and the Nexus 4, except...

Bad news

1. On day 2 I picked it up to use it and the screen  was flickering very quickly and had a washed out overbright look to it. It stayed that way through several reboots, but resolved itself eventually. It hasn't recurred (yet).

2. Today I picked it up and went to use it but pressing the power/wake button did nothing. I held it down for 15 seconds - nothing.  I used my office phone to call the Nexus and ...

  • it started vibrating like it should, but 
  • the screen stayed black, 
  • there was no ringtone (I know it wasn't in silent mode - I had recently used it).  
  • after I hung up my office phone the Nexus kept vibrating like a call was coming in. 
It stayed vibrating for around 5 minutes until I held the power button down for about 45 seconds, when it finally rebooted.

Good news (sort of)

This handset has got to go...

Following the links on the email order confirmation from Google, I found a help site. After a bit of reading I found both a support form and an Australian 1800 phone number for support. I called the number and spoke to an American named James (we had a chat about Casey Stoner retiring from MotoGP) who agreed that the phone was classified as a DOA, organised the RMA and sent me a detailed email about the return process.

The return process seems very well organised - they will pick it up and at that point I can click a link which will start the shipping of the replacement. I have no assurance that they have a replacement Nexus 4 at the moment to actually send to me (the demand world-wide is very high at present) but I trust that they have held back enough to replace DOAs.

More to follow in due course...

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