29 December 2012

Firearms take 2

The Sydney Morning Herald published a piece today on how143,473 Australians died in 2010.

By my count, the number of Australians who died in 2010 by assault with a firearm was... 30. I assume that that did not include deaths in combat (I think there were four), but you might recall my recent blog post on deaths or wounding in the USA.

Terrorism in the USA: On 11 September 2001 a number of aircraft were flown by al-Qaeda hijackers into buildings in New York. About 3,000 people were killed in this atrocity.
Shootings in the USA: Each year nearly 100,000 people are wounded or killed by gunfire in America"
Motor vehicle accidents in the USA:In 2005 the number of people who died in motor vehicle accidents in the USA was 43,510. As of 2009 that was down to 34,000.
 Now, we're not comparing fairly here, since the USA number including wounding, which the Australian figure does not. So, let's say that 80% were only woundings. That leaves 20,000 deaths by firearms in the USA.

Population of the USA: 311 million
Population of Australia: 20 million.

If my arithmetic serves me correctly, per 100,000 of population, that's 0.2 for Australia, and 6.4 for the USA - 32 times more for the US.

USA, you need to change your laws in relation to firearms.

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