17 August 2013

Google Nexus 7 (2013) Review

The Google Nexus 7 (2013) was launched in the USA in July 2013, but hasn't been made available in many other markets yet. I broke my original Nexus 7 (from 2012) so was keen to replace it with the new model. A mail order purchase of $269 (32 GB WiFi)  from Walmart plus USD$45 shipping from a USA mailing address and a week later I received it here in Sydney, Australia.

Short review

This is the same tablet as the 2012 version except it has three major improvements:

  1. The screen resolution is much higher, so it's easier to read any text, and much easier to read small text;
  2. The processor is more powerful, so things happen faster;
  3. The body isn't as wide, so it's easier to hold in one hand.
It has Android 4.3 - the latest operating system at the time of writing. Little else of consequence has changed - even the annoying fact that the micro-USB socket is 180 degrees to the socket on the Nexus 4. Why is this annoying? I have a bedside dock that works really well with both devices, but I have to rotate the plug before swapping devices.

One other minor feature is that is has a flashing indicator light like other members of the Nexus family and Blackberry. Quite handy and something the iPhone & iPad families could benefit from.

Any problems?

The only issue I have encountered is one that is already circulating the internet - the touch screen can be a little over-sensitive at times. It's sporadic and not a problem - at least at the moment.


I'm glad I purchased it. It's more portable than my iPad 3 (which still gets a good workout from me - I have some business-related use cases for it), and it does a bunch of things my Nexus 4 can't. The screen really is outstanding, and putting side-by-side with an iPad Mini makes you realise just how badly Apple needs to upgrade that screen. 

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